Dietary supplement brand launches packaging redesign, brand extensions

Naturals Lineup

Maintaining overall fitness used to be considered a niche interest. Founded in 2004, Boca Raton, Fla.-based Celsius Holdings Inc. has experienced the impact of the growing demand for health-and-wellness products in the mainstream market. Launched by vitamin entrepreneurs, the CELSIUS brand has gained distribution in new channels and markets as more consumers become interested in maintaining healthy and fit lifestyles.

A dietary supplement drink, CELSIUS boasts several functional benefits including energy and the ability to burn body fat. “CELSIUS was created to become the first drinkable thermogenic, capable of raising your metabolism to burn body fat and calories,” explains Vanessa Walker, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “It was clinically proven to do so and [the results were] printed in six peer-reviewed journals, which makes this brand a breakthrough.”

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